The Flanker Fighter That Makes NATO Amazed

The Sukhoi fighter is considered one of the best fighter planes in the world. Sukhoi not only competes with US fighter planes, but is also better than fighter jets made in other countries. Here are three Sukhoi fighter jets that amaze NATO member countries, as reported by RBTH.

1. Su-25
Su-25 ground attack aircraft are designed to support ground troops. The Su-25 does not depend on the main airfield, it can also take off and land on rough emergency runways or highways near the front line of battle.

The Su-25 is one of the best armed aircraft in the Russian Air Force. Depending on the task, 32 types of weapons can be mounted on the Su-25, including air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. Su-25 has been rich in combat experience for more than 40 years, Su-25 has taken part in 18 wars and conflicts on three different continents, from the Soviet war to the current Russian operations in Syria.

2. Su-27
Very maneuverable and fast, the Su-27 is considered one of Russia’s best fighter aircraft. Known by NATO as a Flanker, the Su-27 is equally exceptional in combat and in air shows, where the fighter jet is capable of performing complex aerobatics.

The flanker was designed as an answer to the American F-15. These planes have never met in real combat. However, during air combat training, the Russian fighter jet was better than its opponents at close range, while the F-15 had better chances at longer distances.

Dozens of countries have operated the Su-27 today. The US itself also has several Su-27s. America has bought several Su-27 aircraft from Ukraine and Belarus to train air combat.

The Su-27 has also been upgraded and modified into various fighter jet variants, including the Su-30, Su-35 and Su-33 based on aircraft carriers.

3. Su-57
The Su-57 is Russia’s latest fifth generation fighter, designed to replace the Su-27 and Su-35 fighters. The main competitors are the United States Raptor F-22 and F-35 Lightning.

The Su-57 is the first Russian operational aircraft to use stealth technology. The Su-57 is designed to get as close as possible to enemy stealth fighter jets, forcing enemy stealth fighter jets to do long-range air battles, where the supermaneuverable Su-57 has more advantages.

One of the other strengths of the Su-57 is that it is equipped with ejection seats that can save pilots’ lives at any height, even from the ground. It is planned that in the future the palm seat can “make decisions” catapult the pilot without the participation of the pilot.

Russia is the only Su-57 stealth aircraft operator at present. There are no current plans to export Su-57 so as not to weaken the Su-35 export market. However, in the future, the Su-57 can be sold to India, Algeria, China, Vietnam and even NATO members, Turkey.

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