What is the Aerobatic Racing Challenge Series?
The Aerobatic Racing Challenge Series (ARC Series) is an innovative racing exhibition format featuring pilots with high-performance aerobatic aircraft competing against each other on a vertical race course. As a featured Air Show event, pilots race through an aerobatic sequence in a side-by-side dual that challenges each pilot to fly the maneuvers as quickly as possible.
The winner is the pilot that successfully completes the entire sequence of maneuvers first!
As similar or different aircraft are pitted against one another, pilots must employ every advantage unique to their specific airplane. They will be forced to rely on superior flight skills and raw aerobatic knowledge to remain ahead of their nearby opponent. Race outcomes will hinge on a pilots use of perfect technique to carve through the sky while quickly completing each maneuver.

Where are ARC Series events held?
Enhancing the fun and excitement of existing air show events, ARC Series Racing will be hosted at popular air show venues across North America and Canada. Races can be held at various times throughout the day and intermixed between other aerobatic, jet or warbird performances.

What kind of aircraft race?
High-Performance Aerobatic Aircraft that are normally seen at air shows:
Biplanes: including the Pitts S-2B/C, S-2S, S-1-11, S-1, and others.
Monoplanes: including the Edge-540, Extra-300/330, Staudacher S-300, Panzl-330, Yak-55, the Sukhoi and more.

Is Aerobatic Racing safe for the crowd?
YES. The Aerobatic Racing format is not a traditional “Air Race” as defined in the FAA 8900 section 3-151, but is flown in accordance with all FAA and Transport Canada regulations and ICAS guidelines covering the safe operation of an air show. No special requirements or extra equipment is necessary to conduct these flight performances.

Since the first race in early 2009 through the end of the 2011 season over 3 dozen Aerobatic Races have been safely performed at Air Shows accross North America!