First Aerobatic Racing Challenge in Northern California, August 21-22, 2010 at the Santa Rosa Air Show

The “Wings Over Wine Country” Air Show, August 21-22, 2010, in Santa Rosa, California, will host the first ever Aerobatic Racing Challenge Performance in Northern California.

Bill Cornick and Spencer Suderman will fly against each other in the Aerobatic Racing Challenge, side by side, each required to complete a prescribed set of aerobatics precisely as outlined.  The pilot who finishes first is the winner.

The Aerobatic Race Challenge series, pioneered by Suderman and Cornick, debuted on the air show circuit in Southern California last show season and was an instant hit.  It is a new and innovative airplane racing format launched in 2009 featuring high-performance aerobatic aircraft competing on a vertical race course that forces pilots to balance mental strategy and precision flight.  Pilots race their aircraft side-by-side through a sequence of aerobatic maneuvers that requires each pilot to fly faster, corner harder, and pull more g-forces.  The first aircraft to complete the entire sequence wins the race.

A pilot’s keen instinct and raw flying skill are challenged with intricate maneuvers such as the Avalanche, Humpty-Bump, Hammerhead and the violent Tailslide, a spectacle sure to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats!  Pilots make split second decisions to leverage their own aircraft’s advantages while seeking to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents, typically resulting in a close “come–from-behind” finish.

The 2010 “Wings Over Wine Country” Air Show announcer, Danny Clisham, will be joined on the announcer’s stand for the aerobatic challenge race by Jon “Huggy” Huggins, famed U-2/T-38 pilot, who has announced previous aerobatic challenge races between Cornick and Suderman and s128.

Mark August 21-22, 2010, “Wings Over Wine Country” Air Show in Santa Rosa, CA, on your calendar now, and see the first Aerobatic Racing Challenge ever performed in Northern California.